Month: October 2020

Voter Suppression

It’s the final countdown to Election Day. This week the Loud Women talk about the impact of voter suppression tactics. But don’t worry it’s not all serious….we take a look at some of the most inappropriate Halloween costumes. There may even be a costume challenge…

I’m Speaking

Welcome to the first meeting of the Loud Women’s Club. On today’s episode, we’ll meet Jane who is spending a month visiting her politically charged parents. We’ll then reflect on the Vice Presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence; share our favorite memes of the week, and celebrate a little know Loud Woman from …

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The Loud Women’s Club

The Loud Women’s Club podcast is a celebration of the opinionated. Hosted by Melissa Huston, we find and support our voices by discussing the timely issues of society, culture, and politics. In this introductory episode, we meet the Loud Women who will start us off on this adventure. Welcome to the club.