Month: May 2021

Tsuruko Haraguchi photos

Tsuruko Haraguchi

Tsuruko Haraguchi was a Japanese psychologist and the first Japanese woman to receive a Doctor of Philosophy in any subject. The importance of her research was recognized by her advisor Thorndike, who made reference to the study in the journal Educational Psychology. Haraguchi inspired other Japanese women, such as Tomi Wada, to seek higher education outside …

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It’s Mother’s Day weekend and the Loud Women are talking about self-care. From reading a good book, receiving therapy, going to the gym or taking a trip to Target….self-care is self-defined, and even more important during a pandemic. 

Leta Stetter photographs

Leta Stetter

Leta Stetter was born in Nebraska on May 25, 1886. She completed her Ph.D. in 1916 and took a job at Columbia’s Teachers College, where she remained for the rest of her career. Hollingworth’s earliest research interests centered on the psychology of women. She is also know for her work with gifted children.