the loud women

“Be kind, be thoughtful, and be loud.”

Photos  by Cathleen Lugo Photography

"Loud Women are independent thinkers. We ask the “why” and challenge the status quo. A loud woman doesn’t take up too much space, she owns the space she is in."

Melissa Huston (she/her)

Melissa can’t remember a time when she wasn’t called “loud.” She was fed a diet of “children should be seen and not heard” and “curiosity killed the cat,” which only fueled her defiance. After a boisterous and awkward adolescence, Melissa learned how to focus and control her voice as the Drum Major for her high school band. Her volume was a natural asset. She learned leadership, confidence, and resilience. Melissa attended the University of Maryland, where she was a theater major and played the trombone in the 'Mighty Sound of Maryland' marching band. After college, Melissa explored several careers. She’s been a waiter, bartender, puppeteer, radio DJ, stage manager, actor, director, columnist, house manager, and party planner. She eventually found her calling in floral and event design. Her company Studio H specializes in weddings and parties. She has designed for the Rose Bowl Parade and the Philadelphia flower show, and she is a presenter at the Washington Entertaining and Cooking show. Never really content, Melissa also uses her voice as an historical story teller in downtown Annapolis, preferably with a beer in hand.

Beca Green Watson (she/her)

Beca is a scientist and educator who currently works as a full-time caregiver to 2 preschoolers and 2 cats. In her spare time, she enjoys watching trashy reality TV and reading anything she can get her hands on. She believes in love, compassion, and the healing power of cheese. Find her on Twitter @roninlethe

"Loud women are the ones who make history. The ones who refuse to “know their place” or “sit still and look pretty”. The ones who refuse to obey anyone or anything except their own wild heart. The ones who are afraid, and do it anyway. The ones who use their voices, always, even when they would be better off if they didn’t."

Heidi Reneé Spencer (she/her)

Asked to describe herself, Heidi would say she is a “Christian democratic socialist and mother of two.” Dreams of stardom on the stage her freshman year of college were quickly tempered by her desire to never eat ramen again, so she chose to major in IT. Her own personal experiences make her particularly drawn to civil rights, health care costs, college costs, and social justice but chances are, she has an opinion she’s willing to voice about pretty much anything.

A Loud Woman is: "A woman who will speak up and make the effort to do something when she sees an injustice or just something that is not right. A woman who uses her voice to lift up those who are marginalized."

Nicole Thompson (she/her)

Nicole is a 2nd generation native Washingtonian with a love for all things science, but specifically microbiology. She has her doctorate in gynecologic oncology. Nicole is a proud daughter, sister, and aunt to a blended family that consists of all races and shades. She has been raised by loud women and hopes to help raise even more.

"A 'Loud Woman' is a woman that is unapologetically herself. She walks in confidence and power everywhere she goes."