Podcast Episodes

I’m Mad

From 9-11, to Afghanistan, to Texas abortion law; the Loud Women are MAD and letting it all out in this episode. With so much violence and oppression against women, you’ll be confused if we’re talking about the Taliban or the U.S. government….and you’ll be mad too. 

Back to School

Some students are already back to school, others join in after Labor Day. We thought COVID would be behind us right? But instead we’re watching people implode over vaccines and mask mandates. The Loud Women weigh in on the craziness that encompasses the return to school. 

Our Mental Health

Sometimes you gotta vent. The Delta variant of COVID paired with kiddos going back to school is making this a particularly stressful time. The Loud Women shine a light on mental wellbeing and how they are keeping it together the best they can. 

Women in the Olympics

From mental health, to protests, to uniforms, the women of the 2020/21 Olympic Games are speaking out and being LOUD! Let’s take a look at the longstanding misogyny of the games, and how athletes are just not having it anymore. 

Alive at Stage IV-Replay

Tammy Payne is now 6 years out from her initial diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer. Through her blog, she is open and honest about her struggles and triumphs. From unexpected physical tolls, to the emotional and financial costs, to friendship and working through treatment. 

Are You A Patriot?

We just celebrated the 4th of July and the Loud Women are thinking about what it means to be a patriot. It is entirely possible to love your country while questioning history and protesting injustice. So why do so many people feel threatened by the criticism?

The Pressures of Children

Whether you became a parent in your 20s or 40s, or made the choice to be child-free, women have all kinds of opinions on motherhood. From societal pressures to internet shaming, the Loud Women share their experiences grappling with having children.